Cross Country Schooling

What the colt learns in youth he continues in old age.
– French Proverb

What is Cross Country Schooling?

Cross Country Schooling offers riders and horses a chance to school or train over the cross country jumps, stadium jumps, gallop track and in the dressage ring with or without a trainer present to prep for a show or just to try something different. 


Our course offers schooling options ranging from trot-a-pole to preliminary level. The layout of the course easily allows riders to move between the levels at each grouping of jumps. 

Rules: Cross Country riders MUST wear a helmet and have a ground person or another rider with them. When riding with only one other rider or a group one rider should be observing while the others jump so that they can seek help if needed. Remember safety first.

IF something is broken or seems unsafe please let us know ASAP! 

Scheduling Schooling

The farm is only closed during Horse Trials, Derbies and some special events. Please check our events list for the most up to date closures. 

We do encourage you to send us an email, text or facebook message if you are coming out. 

Schooling Fee: $25 per rider/horse combo


  • If you received a coupon for a free schooling, you MUST bring the coupon (can not just verbally say you have one please) and present it at the time of schooling. Also, please check first to make sure it is not expired. 

  • Pony Club certifications are $35. Certifications will not have sole use of the facility during their testing, however, we do ask that any other schoolers that arrive, give way and be courteous to those whom are testing.   

  • We offer 3 complementary pole corrals (day stalls) in the schooling area. 

  • If you would like use of a barn stall, they are $30/day **YOU MUST CLEAN YOUR STALL when you leave.

  • You are welcome to bring your trainer however one is not required. You must, however, have at least one other rider with you or ground person in case of an emergency. 

  • When you arrive, please sign 1 emergency release per rider. Parents/Guardian's must sign for their children if they are under the age of 18. If you came with a trainer, we need them to sign one as well to teach on our facility.

  • We only need one emergency release signed on file per calendar year. 

  • The releases are located in the "small barn" (the barn with the 'Rainbow Meadow Farm' sign and a rainbow in the background of the signon it). When you walk in, on the left, before the first door, you will see a 3-ring binder. The binder has all of the releases in it. 

  • Just above the emergency release binder, you will see a gray cash box on the wall (it has several horse stickers on it). That is where you can put your schooling fee. If you are paying in cash, there are envelopes on top of the cash box which you can put the cash in and mark your name on. 

  • If you see any issues at all on the course while you are using it, please let me know. Whether it is footing or a jump or an underground bee nest, unless I know about it, I cannot take care of it. 

  • You are welcome to use the wash rack and hose on the left of the barn when you walk up to water and hose your horse post-ride as you wish. 

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