The farm hosts a number of events each year ranging from derbies, horse trials, clinics and Pony Club events. Our facility offers a variety of options for learning and competition. We invite you to attend all of our events or if your group is looking to host an event as a fundraiser or teaching opportunity please contact us, we would be happy to help you out! 
Horse Trials

Horse trials are a BLAST! Horse trials include 3 parts (if you choose to ride the entire thing). First up is dressage, then stadium jumping followed by cross country. 

Here at the farm we choose to run dressage and stadium jumping on the same day. The following day is cross-country.  

Again we encourage green horses and riders to come and gain experience at the shows. If you need a buddy out there with you to help that is just fine with us! 

Derby Time! 

What the heck is a derby? Isn't that the thing in Kentucky with the big hats?!

Eventing derbies are a bit different however big hats could make this more fun... maybe soon we can add a fun hat class to the derby!

A "derby" for eventing is a one day format for completion that basically takes the three events of a horse trial and either picks 2 of the events to run or combines the two jumping portion as one and then includes dressage as the second. 

Here at Rainbow Meadow Farm choose to run the combo approach. Riders will ride dressage and then hit the cross country course with a twist! Some of the stadium jumps will replace the cross country jumps or riders will ride a small stadium course within the cross country run. 

Derbies are fun and low key! If you need a coach on the XC course with you that is A-OK. Need someone to ride ahead of you so your green horse can make it around and build confidence? We are ok with that too!

Other Events

This year we have hosted some Pony Club fundraisers, a TET rally for Pony club and will have several clinics at the farm.

We have 30 stalls available to house participants and dry camping is available as well. 

Please contact us if you would like more information regarding holding an event at our facility. 

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