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Well the minion jump says it all about the farm! We are all about the fun and cool jumps!!!

Rainbow Meadow Farm was founded in 2001 by the Childress family with the goal of providing the equestrian community with a fun environment to school young horses and young riders. 

The farm is ever changing much like the imagination of our riders. One day you may school over a log guarded by Yosemite Sam and the next a new jump with moving parts may be on course to offer a new schooling opportunity!  We are always looking for new and exciting jumps to add to the course and love ideas from our schoolers! If you have an idea shoot us a message and let us know!

As any equestrian knows, horses are not just a hobby but a way of life! The Childress family has taken this to a massive level with the creation of this farm in 2001. The farm goes far past the everyday care of the furry beasts in the barn and their feathered friends who also call this magical place home. 

Every week new jumps are being invented, designed and built. Fences are being mended to keep the critters safe, acres and acres of grass are mowed and jumps mended. Events are planned, prepped for and put on. So much behind the scenes work goes on to keep Rainbow Meadow Farm up to the standard of "a Disneyland for the horse and rider." 

More plans are being made as you read for more cross country and stadium jumps, the dressage rings are being upgraded and the next event is being planned! When you visit be sure to stop say hi and join us at the fire-pit for a laugh! 

Upcoming Events:
Derby and Clinics

Up Next:

June 22nd

     XC Derby

July 26, 27 and 28

      Intro. to Eventing Clinic

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